Life unseen….

My miniature roses in full bloom. Each day is a testimonial that life thrives in the smallest of nature unseen by naked eyes. I am a believer that anything with life, can feel and are capable of manifestation of their emotion. Try singing and praising to your plants while you spray them their daily water mist and they seem to rejoice in delight. The outcome is a more intense color and their petals open widely. My mini roses looks so vibrant and happy. 


Simple blessings

Behold a beautiful sight outside my bedroom. Multicolored flowers in bloom, greens as a backdrop, three little birdie atop an awning and a baby Easter rabbit prancing around the garden. Birds chirping and bees humming all day in celebration of Spring but the mundane trivialities of life has taken over such simple joy and blessings. Today, I soaked the sun, the musical sound of the birds and the bees and declared I love you Spring. Please stay awhile.


It cannot be denied that Spring has spread her wings and her presence can be felt and seen. My allergy is a constant reminder and the mesmerizing colors around the house and the neighborhood is undeniable. 


I have watched this lonely orange struggle to stay alive. The gardener cannot figure out after feeding it with food plant and spraying for bugs why it has not grown robust and healthy as it should. Despite the struggle for life and a lonely existence without siblings, this precious orange stand to remind me that life can be lived alone if you are tenacious enough to stand the elements around you. Simply, the will to survive must be stronger than the need to let go.


It is heartwarming to watch someone so ecstatic over a simple Sunday breakfast of Gingerbread wheat pancakes smothered with Canadian maple syrup, two strips of what she calls “died and went to heaven” crispy bacon, cheese omelette and black coffee. How simple the world will be and stress free if we can be this easily pleased, contained and appeased. I watched with enviousness at the delight of such simplicity of need and vowed to look closer and be more aware of the  smaller surprises around. 

Home again…

17 years of life in Paradise flowed back freely and unstoppable until all recollections came to rest like water flowing back to sea. Changes were inevitable and noted but history and memories remained as fresh as yesterday when bags were packed and ready to leave the rainbows, beautiful sunset and warm Aloha of a second home. 

I stepped out of the plane on November 1,2016, planted both feet on the ground, breath that distinctive salty island air and declared, I am home again! For the next twelve days, I soaked everything back that I have missed. Two days around the island and seeing everything with fresh eyes as though I have never seen it before. Awed and amazement. I proudly showed friends among other things, the mesmerizing sunset, laid back life,  Waikiki’s inviting surf and did not missed pointing out the friendly and warm Aloha spirit of the islanders that I longed and missed. These are inherent traits not put on for tourism sake. I know so because I lived it and carried in my heart wherever I have been. It was a gift from Hawaii, my Ohana (family) and friends.